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Exam Awards - November 2014


On 12th October 2014 ten members of the Training Band took part in the first Phoenix Brass Awards Exams. These exams were based on official Music Exam requirements and marking criteria (Bronze Award based on Grade 1, Silver Award based on Grade 2 and Gold Award based on Grade 3). The players were required to play, from memory, a number of scales and arpeggios, perform two prepared solos, perform one piece of sight reading and answering music theory questions relating to this piece.

The players who took part were; Pat Adams (Bronze), Barry Adams (Bronze), Beth Greenwood (Bronze), Caroline Hadden (Bronze), Teri Fradgley (Bronze), Karina Nicholson (Silver), Suzie Richardson (Bronze), Harriet Schofield (Silver), Bella Schofield (Bronze) and Heather Croucher (Bronze).


On Saturday 22nd November 2014 the Training Band hosted a “Coffee and Cakes” morning where family and friends were invited to come along to hear the group perform and receive their Exam results and certificates. All entrants passed their exam at either Pass or Merit level, with special mention to Beth Greenwood who achieved Distinction with a 90% pass mark.

During the morning the Training Band played a varied programme to a crowded hall of supporters, who were also entertained by a duet from Baritone players Terri Fradgley & Caroline Hadden, solos from horn players Beth Greenwood and Karina Nicholson and cornet player Barry Adams. Even the newest members of the group, some of whom have only been playing a few months, had the opportunity to join in for their first public performances.


Many thanks to Chris Buck for taking the time to act as Examiner, and  well done to everyone who took, and passed an exam!

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