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On 12th October 2014 members of the Training Band took part in the first Phoenix Awards Music Exams, Click here for full details

May 2014 - 018

Phoenix Brass has had a training section almost from the word ‘go’, but it became firmly established in 2000. More and more people started approaching the Musical Director asking if they could learn to play and become part of the smart, happy and friendly ‘family’ band that is Phoenix.

The nature and purpose of a training band is to teach and encourage new players until they are competent and confident to join the main band. Membership of Phoenix Training Band therefore changes over the months and years as players progress. Many of the teachers and helpers are themselves musicians who are ‘homegrown’ and have come through the ranks of Phoenix Training Band to play in the main band. They understand the difficulties in learning to read music and play a brass instrument. It is this understanding and empathy which enables them to draw out the love of music and the ability to read and play, from even the most nervous trainee.

Everyone is made to feel welcome, whatever their age and ability. As at March 2014 there are 26 members in the Phoenix Training Band. We meet each Saturday in the Froxfield Village Hall to learn, meet friends and make music. It is often said that the big ones help the little ones and the little ones keep the older members young!

It is always good to play to an audience and the training band members are encouraged to ‘show off’ their new skills at the two or three small concerts they give throughout the year.

If you feel you would like to learn to play a brass instrument and join Phoenix Brass, or would just like to come for a visit, please feel free to drop in to see us on a Saturday morning. We look forward to meeting you.

Training Band
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